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And now it’s 3am and it’s storming. Naturally my dog is sitting on my head, panting and shaking. I hope the lightning will stop soon so she can stop being so scared and so I can have a three hour nap.

I really need to start sleeping again. It’s not insomnia, it’s the nightmares. I might try to pull an all-nighter tonight. It’s 2. I have to get up in 4.5 hours. I just can’t motivate myself to go to bed. 

A Smidgen of Sappy Gratitude

I am so lucky to have the husband I do. Some days he drinks too much and some days he gets really mean. BUT, 96% of the time he is an absolute peach, and on nights like tonight, when he reaches down and digs me out from the hole I’ve plunged into, he’s my hero.

I don’t talk about him too much since he’s not here to defend himself, but I gotta say that I’m really glad I pulled that awful double shift all those years ago. If I hadn’t then my best friend would have met him instead, and who knows where I’d be.

I’m shopping online for pants. I hate clothes shopping because I have curves out the wazoo, but I’m not big enough to be considered “plus size”. Stupid hips. Stupid butt. Finding the proper fit usually requires pre-gaming and a lot of affirmations. I hate shopping for clothes. So I am looking up “Jean cut types” on google and I keep seeing, amidst the jeans, this guy… Shaggy hair; paparazzi-style photographs. Why is this guy showing up with the jeans? I click him- Harry Styles. So now I know what that guy looks like. I honestly expected different. He’s kinda shaggy and generic. Oh well, years ago when my kiddo’s teacher was describing the guys from Twilight as being “the hottest guys ever”, Pattinson wasn’t what I had in mind either. Maybe I just don’t get what’s hot to teenagers anymore.

I don’t care who you love.

I don’t care which pronoun you identify with. 

I don’t care what you wear.

I don’t care who you worship.

Just don’t be an asshat and I’ll respect you until the day I die.

I feel like I should be crying and I’m not even sure why. I’m hoping something horrible hasn’t happened and my subconscious knows it but the rest of me hasn’t been told yet. This is not a good feeling. Fingers crossed that it is just a side effect of being really tired.

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